Indonesian Language (BIPA)

UNUD offers course on learning Indonesian language for foreign speaker. The program is known as BIPA which stand for Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing. The course addresses various skills of Bahasa Indonesia language such as speaking, listening, writing and including history of the language. The program is offered as formal one semester course or can be taken as one-to-one tuition or private lesson. A formal class normally follows fixed timetable while private tuition can be arranged to meet student needs. The program is run by the Faculty of Letter and delivered in English through classroom seminars and excursions. There is no specific requirements to join this program but placement test will be carried out to suitably place the student on the correct level.

The program is run three times a year each with four months duration. The timetable of the program is January – April, May to August, and September to December. A minimum of three students in one class is required to start the course.

The program is organised as three level course in which each level is taken as one full term study. An elementary level is for those who has minimum skills or has no previous experience on Bahasa Indonesia. An intermediate level is for those who already pose basic skills of Bahasa Indonesia and wish to be able to communicate in various typical situation using Bahasa Indonesia. An advanced level is the last level of the course and designed for those who wish to achieve high literacy skills in Bahasa and/or has special interest on Indonesia for the purpose of conducting research, business or living in Indonesia. More information of BIPA can be found here.


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