Asian Studies (BIPAS)

If you are looking to study on subjects related to Asian studies then this program might be the one your are searching for. The program is known as BIPAS that stands for Bali International Program on Asian Studies. The program is run by the Faculty of Letter as one semester program. The course covers various aspects of Indonesia such us economy, business, tourism, Bahasa Indonesia, as well as history and culture.

The program has six modules and all compulsory. The modules are:

  1. International tourism management.
  2. Indonesian history, ethnology, culture and customs.
  3. Economy and business of South East Asia.
  4. Business law and legal tradition on trade and investment.
  5. Bahasa Indonesia.
  6. Indonesian literature.

Each module carries certain number of credits and they are transferable to your home university if you are taking this program as part of your study abroad. We have universities that have signed memorandum of understanding with us and recognize our program. Please contact us for more information regarding this credit transfer.

The program is delivered in English and through classroom seminars and excursion to many places around Bali so there will be plenty opportunity to explore Bali. There will be half term break for two weeks where you can extend your journey beyond Bali to sample other parts of Indonesia or perhaps South East Asia. Student will be given project and presenting it as part of the assessment portfolio in addition to exams for each of the module. Upon completion of the program and subject to assessment results the student will be given certificate of completion.


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